W101 Day 01

Writing 101: Building a Blogging HabitWriting 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind
Welcome to Writing 101. In this inaugural assignment, let’s loosen up and just write. We’re so excited you’ve joined us — let’s get started!


for anyone stumbling across my blog over the next 30 days – what are the odds of that happening? – you will see a string of daily posts that deviate from my norm… i’m not following my usual title construct and i’ve added new categories. this is by design.

it’s part of wordpress’s blogging university, writing 101, and designed to help me become a better writer. i think it will also help me become a better reader; i don’t always take the time to look at others’ writings. that’s going to change.

so today’s kick-off prompt for w101 (as i call it) is to free write, for 20 minutes, without thinking about it. today is day #1 and that’s what i’m doing here now. i usually come up with a topic and let it simmer in my head for a few days. i refine it and draft it mentally so when it sit down to write, i have a mentally-defined sandbox with which to play. not this time; this is a ramble and i suspect i’ll ultimately see it as an example that supports my usual method: think, simmer, draft, edit, publish.

this is good, however. ramble aside, the exercise pushes me outside my normal boundaries. it may sound silly but norms and limits do exist even in mundane tasks, not that w101 is that but you get the idea. it’s good to test other waters occasionally. this exercise also allows me to consider how i draft. for instance, i’ve counted 5 times now that i’ve backspaced and changed vocabulary. i’ve also corrected 6 typos on-the-fly. make that 7 changes to my word quiver now in 4 paragraphs.

interesting.  well time does fly and i’ve hit the 20-minute mark. see you all again tomorrow, cheers.





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