on the topic of LMP price simulation

i’ve been working on an LMP simulator (based on a 5-bus model) for the past couple years. actually, and to be fair to myself, it’s been a lot longer than that. it’s something i’ve dabbled with in my spare time and is based on some predefined objectives… the simulator should be:

  • based on 5-bus rather than 3-bus — it makes the calculations more challenging
  • restricted to using native MS Excel functions — no VB scripting or custom function add-ons
  • interactive and user friendly — include several manually-entered variables
  • expansive beyond basic LMP arithmatic — i would like to include simulated power flow calculations and realistic loss and congestion scenarios
  • accommodating to demand response offers — something i’ve never seen in any simulator is to adjust scheduled load when a d/r offer is struck

lastly, i have an over-arching objective: the simulator should be available to everyone, free of charge and open-source. it cannot be used for profit or gain. it can be used for training, illustration, dabbling, noodling, etc. it can be modified, enhanced, changed, deleted, shared. all i ask is that you leave the following disclaimer in place if you do any of the aforementioned:

This simulator is for non-commercial purposes only and any use of it comes with implied consent that the original author (that’s me) shall be held harmless for anything and everything related to or not related to whatever and however you use the simulator. the original author (again, that’s me) maintains the original simulator file as a non-invasive MS Excel file with no macros, VB code, or anything else other than native MS Excel functions. I me be reached via my wordpress site here:  smbateman.wordpress.com

well, i’ve reached the point where i have to ask for help. there are several calculations and/or formulations that i’ve not been able to brain-storm into a solution. they include:

  1. loss factor (LF) calculations. i have the partial derivative formula but up to now have not been able to figure out how to implement a properly formatted LF calculation.
  2. branch power calculations. in my draft version, this value is static and manually entered; i prefer it to be calculated but am unsure how to pull this off.
  3. marginal congestion component. oddly, most simulation for LMP omits losses and assumes there are none; i think i solved that issue but calculating MCC still eludes me.
  4. load shedding. the d/r calculations are not fully implemented. i’ve yet to figure out how to reduce scheduled load once a d/r offer is struck without infecting other calculations. i have some creative ideas on this but would like to hear from others.
  5. power flow calculations. this gets tricky and i’ve made some big assumptions. the goal is to recalculate power flow on-the-fly as line limits are reached and thus produce inputs to the MCC calculations.

so here’s what i am asking and offering…  download the two files attached (Word document explaining the simulator and the Excel simulator file). you will see which sections of the simulator are incomplete. play with it and lend your comments. if you would like to help solve any of my 5 open issues above (in addition to any typos, false assumptions, and just wrong calculations), i will add you to a ‘thanks to the following people for their assistance’ section and provide full recognition to your contribution is subsequent versions. this post is open for comments and collaboration. revised versions of the simulator will be uploaded here.



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